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HISCFA Membership Benefits

Your annual membership of $50 (that's only $4.16 a month) does so much to support our community and the general beauty and enjoyment of our island.

There are many benefits that HISCFA provides to island community members.  Many benefits are visible but it's not well known that they are supported by HISCFA membership dues, donations, and the hard work, time, and dedication of our volunteers and directors.

When arriving on the Island, the Advertising Sign, equipped with a large digital marquee, and the well-manicured Browne’s Field, greet our residents and guests. Turning to the right we maintain the Island Park ‘N’ Ride located near the stone yard; a parking area for residents who want to park and ride on the ferry across to the mainland. Turning to the left past Browne’s Field is the Water Station; a source of clean drinking water for those residents on the island that do not have access to city water or for use on their boats. The HISCFA also maintains a seasonal water pump further down the main highway at the Bates Cut. The Delta News, a collectible magazine, is our annual report which is full of stories that are of interest to our islanders, and a showcase for our many advertisers and their services. These are tangible assets that are maintained by the membership dues and by our directors and volunteers.

But the association provides so much more to our community.  Membership dues provide monthly donations to both the Lions Club and Reader’s Cove on the Island. We have an Outreach Committee for those islanders in need, and provide scholarships to deserving high school seniors. Our Government Affairs Committee strives to keep our Island residents updated on issues that will impact Island property owners.

The Great Lakes Island Coalition was formed in 2017, and one of our directors actively participates in this organization.  The purpose of this group is an exchange of unique challenges faced by islands in the Great Lakes and to share their possible solutions for the improvement of all island communities.

The association also provides some fun for our islanders by kicking off every summer with the annual Car Show at Browne’s field , followed by Field Day--a day of family fun--and ending with our fall Bonfire & Barbeque with live music.   We also have Music in the Park on Friday nights during the summer.  These are all great events to meet your neighbors, make new friends, and catch up with familiar faces. Check out our calendar for details on what's scheduled.

Member Event Held at Browne's Field

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”

~Elizabeth Andrew

The Delta News

An exclusive, member's only benefit, this annual keepsake has over 90 pages of Island-Life articles, special-interest stories about islanders, history and news.  It also includes a handy directory of all active members along with their optional contact information.

Water Station

HISCFA maintains and operates a source of clean drinking water for those residents on the Island that do not have access to city water. HISCFA also maintains a seasonal water pump at the Bates Cut.

Browne's Field

A beautiful 10-acre park and sports field is a jewel of the island.  It's used for various activities and fund raisers throughout the year.  Donations and dues maintain Browne's Field and enables various improvements to the property.

Giving Back

Your membership dues provide monthly donations to both the Lions Club and Reader’s Cove Library on the Island. We have an Outreach Committee for those Islanders in need, and provide scholarships to deserving high school seniors.

Not a HISCFA member?

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Every August members look forward to receiving The Delta News.  A collectible, coffee-table publication saved by HISCFA members for it’s editorial features, Island history, and community highlights.  Included is the exclusive member directory to easily connect with your neighbors. And it's also a go-to resource for local and trusted service providers.

In a 2018 member survey The Delta News was cited as the #1 benefit among HISCFA members.

The Delta News, 2023- 8th Edition



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