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Harsen's Island Ferry Delays

September 20, 2021 11:03 AM | Anonymous

Update from Champion's Auto Ferry
via Nextdoor, September 15

Due to a shortage of captains, as well as one of our full time captains being out due to a medical issue, Champion's Auto Ferry will be unable to operate a week day second boat beginning next week, September 20th. Please plan for backups and leave yourself extra time to get to appointments and work.

Please note that we are not voluntarily suspending the second boat. This is entirely due to a staffing shortage that has hit most industries around the country. If you have a 100 ton US Coast Guard License and FCC Marine Radio Operator Permit, or know someone who does, and are looking for a part time job, please call the ferry office.

If we are able to operate a 2nd boat during the week, even for a short time during the day, we will, but please don't plan on it as these instances will be limited. Again, please give yourselves extra time to get where you need to go.

Also, while you may be frustrated with the wait, please do not take it out on the deckhands and captains while you are onboard the vessels. They are trying to move passengers as quickly as possible, and have no control over how many boats we are able to operate.

Thank you,

Jake Bryson

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