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Remembering an Island Influencer & Great Contributor

March 01, 2022 9:00 AM | Anonymous

The Association Remembers John G. Cameron

John Cameron became a HISCFA director sometime in the early 1970's and devoted over 30 years of service to the Association! He held nearly every position including Secretary, Vice President, President, and Chairman of the Board. And he retired from the Association as one of our Honorary Lifetime Members. 

John’s accomplishments are familiar to most of you whether you know it or not.

One of his proudest moments and greatest accomplishments was getting natural gas on the Island. John worked on this project starting in the late 1980's until its completion in 1992. Island residents greatly benefitted—and still do today—from the availability of clean natural gas; it meant that they could finally dispose of propane and oil tanks.

John G. Cameron, Honorary Lifetime Member

John and his brother, Bill (former Board of Director, now deceased), also spent countless hours working to persuade the Road Commission to move their fence back and take down an unused shed. This enabled Harsen’s Island to have a Park & Ride conveniently located next to the ferry—another important community contribution. Leonard Dahle, a HISCFA Honorary Lifetime Director (now deceased) picked up and took this project to its completion.  

Aside from these two pivotal initiatives, John and his brother also spent countless hours of work building, repairing, and improving the water station. Island residents who rely on the water station for drinking water have John and Bill to thank for their tireless work on yet another project intended to improve the quality of life for Islanders.

There are many pillars of a community whose significant influence and contributions can leave a lasting impression; John G. Cameron is such an individual. He was a lover of Harsen’s Island and a lifelong resident. John and his wife, Helen, spent every summer on the Island, except those years he was enlisted in the U.S. Navy. They raised four sons in Birmingham and Harsen’s Island, MI. He “created” his first Island home in 1953 by moving his father-in-law’s boathouse to a plot of land, which in time became a permanent home. He also enjoyed putting together new inventions and hydroplanes with his friend Dick Chute.  

On February 22, 2022, John Gray Cameron, Sr. passed away at his winter residence, in Cape Canaveral, Florida. As a community we want to remember and honor John for all that he did to make Harsen’s Island a great place to live! 

“John Cameron was a fine human being, a lifelong island supporter and always helpful! Back in the 80’s I was having a new furnace installed, but also working and could not be home. John came and sat at my house all day while the furnace was being installed. This past October when my husband John Streit passed away, John and Judy came to the funeral home. He was an ever-loyal friend not to be forgotten!”

- Nancy Streit, former HISCFA Director & Officer

Note: Portions of this article were taken from the 2003 edition of The Delta News article “Honorary Members” written by Barbara Crown.

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